I am your average woman living here in the midlands. I am a mother, a wife and a proud member of my community. I am a loud and proud voice for all the people of Longford and Westmeath at evry opportunity.
Meet me and my family
Barbara Smyth
Independent Community Activist
My heart is in my community and my life revolves around helping others and working towards a better shared future, especially the next generation who so desperately need us to care and work for that future.

My own passion is golf but I have many other pleasures and interests. I am an avid volunteer in my community and I am chairperson of MacEoin Park Childcare Facility. I am involved with LCRL and I volunteer at the drop-in centre two days a week. I have studied social incusion and community development at Maynooth University and I am a regular volunteer across the communities in the constituency.
I was born in Portmarnock, Dublin to parents from Tipperary and Dublin. My husband, David is also a Dub born to parents with roots in Leitrim & Louth. So, between us, we've got heritage from many counties but our home is Longford.
Myself and my husband, David, have three delightful daughters; Amy (18), Olivia (14) and Heather (10). We live in Newtownforbes village in County Longford where we own and run a local small business with national appeal: Fixtronix Ltd. which was established in 1996.