My policies are all about real issues faced by families in Longford & Westmeath
Barbara Smyth
Independent Community Activist
We need to stand up, be counted and tackle real issues. Sadly, that involves politics! But, I am determined and committed to the task and one
of my main advantages is that I have no experience of the kind of loony politics that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have dominated our Dáil with
for so many decades. I'm not bought or for sale, I'm nobodies lackey and I am not afraid to stand up for what really matters.
A real living wage, an end to zero hour contracts and demeaning schemes
Everyone has the right to a meaningful and rewarding job, but successive governments have moved to widen the divide in society and prevent this.

I will lobby for affordable childcare, a real living wage rather than a minimum wage and an end to JobBridge and related dead-end schemes.
A Health Service that is fit for purpose and an expansion of cancer screening
Having lost my own mother to Ovarian cancer in 2013 and through other experiences through family and friends at the hands of what passes for a health service in Ireland, I can see the problems and present solutions.

The frontline staff in our hospitals are champions battling in a bureaucratic system that is designed to fail. This must be reformed.

Our cancer screening programmes must be expanded to offer early detection and intervention across the board. Please see my petition on this matter which is currently heading for 30,000 signatures, here.
Irish Water and charging for water services must END NOW
Water is not a commodity and providing fresh water and waste water treatment is already provisioned in our taxation system - we already pay for it.

Making profit from this or involving the private sector in the service provision is utterly unacceptable and I will fight this to the bitter end. I have been involved with the right2water campaign since its inception and I am running on the right2change platform. Austerity has stripped many of us of enough dignity without denying us the water that is essential to life and which is already paid for.

I will demand a referendum to enshrine in our constitution the right to water and to insert an article firmly stating that privatisation of water services can never happen in Ireland and guaranteeing that metered or not, no charges are ever applied.
Housing, homelessness and the right to a home along with rent certainty
I believe that the right to housing should be enshrined in our constitution and the state
should be obligated to adequately house all citizens, regardless of means.

In the private rental sector I believe that rent controls are essential to make sure we never revisit
the so called "Celtic Tiger" era which served the 1% very well but never tackled real social housing
issues. People are entitled to rent certainty to enable them to budget in a meaningful way and linking rent rates to inflation is a key to providing this security to everybody.

I favour shared ownership models and state sponsored mortgage programmes that can help people
to own their own home. I believe that having a place to call your own is a key to well being and as a
Republic we must support each and every citizen in every way that we can. I will fight for this
right all day long, every day.